Classic Drum Machines Sample Pack
Classic Drum Machines Sample Pack

Classic Drum Machines Sample Pack

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Deep from an old dusty hard drive, I found throwback gems galore!

650+ one shot samples from 24 iconic (and lesser-known) drum machines to get you inspired and off to the races with classic drum machine sounds for your productions.

What you'll get with your download:

  • More than 650 samples categorized by drum machine
  • Easily drag and drop them into Ableton drum racks, your favorite sampler, or right on your DAWs audio tracks

Included drum machines:
Akai MPC 60, Akai XR 10, Alesis SR 16, Boss DR 55, Boss DR 550, Casio SK1, Emu Drumulator, Emu SP12, Korg M1, Linn Linndrum, Linn 9000, Oberheim DMX, Rhythm Ace, Roland CompuRhythm 8000, Roland D70, Roland R8, Roland S50, Roland TR 505, RolandTR 606, Roland TR 626, Roland TR 707, Roland TR 808, Roland TR 909, Visco SpaceDrum